Research Interests
My main areas of interest include:
  • Logic-based Languages for Artificial Intelligence
  • Modal Logics and their First-order Extensions
  • The Specification and Verification of Multi-agent Systems
  • Formal Methods for Computer Science

Multi-agent Systems (MAS) are open, distributed systems where the processes, or agents, have individual preferences, objectives, and knowledge.

MAS has been successfully applied to modelling a wide range of systems in different areas, including robotics, security, avionics.

However, the distributed nature of MAS makes it extremely difficult to predict their behaviour and temporal evolution.

My main research interests hinge on first-order extensions of MAS logics to model data-aware and data-intensive systems, as well as the techniques to verify these critical MAS scenarios.

On this subject, I am currently developing the ANR JCJC project SVeDaS on the specification and verification of data-aware systems.