ADVANCE 2023 – 10th International Workshop on ADVANCEs in ICT Infrastructures and Services

/ADVANCE 2023 – 10th International Workshop on ADVANCEs in ICT Infrastructures and Services
ADVANCE 2023 – 10th International Workshop on ADVANCEs in ICT Infrastructures and Services 2023-05-28T04:08:06+00:00

Technical Session 1 (Full Papers)

FP1.1. Gomes, Francisco, Filipe Matos, Paulo Rego, Fernando Trinta, et José de Souza. « Evaluating the use of the Homomorphic Algorithm on Computational Offloading ». [DOI][HAL]

FP1.2. Souza, Vagner Henrique De, Antonio Wendell de Oliveira Rodrigues, Matheus Lima, Cláudio Marques de Sá Medeiros, et Edilson Mineiro Sá Júnior. « SmartGrid Improvements on Photovoltaic Systems by Analyzing Energy and Weather Measures ». [DOI][HAL]

FP1.3. Aouragh, Safia, Fanny Kalinowski et Karima Boudaoud. « Usability and security of e-voting systems ». [DOI][HAL]

Technical Session 2 (Short Papers)

SP2.1. Silva, Wilson R. S., et Diego L. Cardoso. « Aerial Base Station Allocation Strategy ». [DOI][HAL]

SP2.2.  Vieira V de Freitas, Keyvilania, C. Alexandre R. Fernandes, James Ferreira, et Gabriela Alburquerque dos Santos. « The use of Machine Learning for predicting the sentence given by the population at a crime scene ». [DOI][HAL]

Technical Session 3 (Full Papers)

FP3.1. Francisco Junior, Daniel Fiuza, Fabio Gomes, Ivana Cristina, Odorico Monteiro and Mauro Oliveira. « A SmartNextGISSA for Monitoring and Predicting of Comorbidities ». [DOI][HAL]

FP3.2.  Silva, Eliel R., Jonice Oliveira, et Tiago Cruz de França. « CidadeSocial: A social sensing model for urban dynamics ». [DOI][HAL]

FP3.3. Teixeira de Aquino, André, José Ailton Leão Barboza Júnior, Nicolas de Araujo Moreira, et Paulo Peixoto Praça. « Impacts of GPS module on energy consumption and machine-learning based battery lifetime estimation ». [DOI][HAL]

Technical Session 4 (Full Papers)

FP4.1.  De Paiva Avelino, Douglas, Jeann de Souza Teixeira, et Antônio Alan Rodrigues de Araújo. « Application in Autocad to automate the calculation of mechanical efforts in fiber optic network projects ». [DOI][HAL]

FP4.2. Xavier, Eduardo Sidney, Nazim Agoulmine, et Joberto S B Martins. « On Modeling Network Slicing Communication Resources with SARSA Optimization ». [DOI][HAL]

Technical Session 5 (Short Papers)

SP5.1.  Quintino, Joyce, Carina T. de Oliveira, et Rossana M. C. Andrade. « Blockchain Security in the Internet of Things: Literature Review ». [DOI][HAL]

SP5.2. Farkouh, Julie, Audrey Ahoukeng Donwoung, et Nazim Agoulmine. « Intelligent Orchestration of Containerized Applications in Cloud Infrastructures ». [DOI][HAL]

SP5.3. Gomes, Francisco, Paulo Rego, Fernando Trinta, et José de Souza. « Comparative Analysis of Service Mesh Platforms in Microservices-Based Benchmark Applications ». [DOI][HAL]

SP5.4. Ahoukeng Donwoung, Audrey, Nazim Agoulmine, et Bachir Djafri. « Tooled Methods for the Simulation of Deployment of Safe Services in the Internet of Vehicles ». [DOI][HAL]



It is a great pleasure to present you ADVANCE’2023: the 10th International Workshop on ADVANCEs in ICT Infrastructures and Services. This year, the event was held in Fortaleza and Jericoacoara (Brazil), returning to being an in-person event after two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, ICT technologies played a key role in our societies, as the virus had dramatically limited our social face-to-face interactions. Communication technologies are helping us to mitigate constraints, and we envision that in the following years advances in networking, distributed services, and distributed infrastructures can also significantly help manage sanitary conditions. ADVANCE represents, therefore, a fantastic forum for discussion about how current ICT technologies and their research trends should evolve to meet our current and future emergency needs in the ICT domain. The focus of the ADVANCE series of workshops is to provide a forum for the publication, presentation, and discussion of relevant efforts of the worldwide scientific community, practitioners, researchers, and engineers from both academia and industry on the latest theoretical and technological advances in ICT.

After the successful organization of the 1st ADVANCE workshop in 2012 in Canoa Quebrada (Brazil) with the support of IFCE Aracati, the 2nd edition was held in the city of Morro de Sao Paulo (Brazil). In 2013, with the support of IFCE, the 3rd edition was held in Miami (USA). In 2014, with the support of IFU, the 4th edition was held in Recife (Brazil). In 2015, with the support of UFPE, the 5th edition was held in the city of Evry Val d’Essonne (France). In 2017, with the support of UEVE/Paris Saclay, the 6th edition of the workshop was held in the beautiful city of Santiago de Chile (Chile), with the support of the Universidad De Chile (UC). The 7th edition was held in Cape Verde Islands with the support of the Universidad de Cabo Verde. In 2020, the 8th edition was held in the city of Cancun (Mexico) with the support of the Universidad del Caribe and the Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan. The 9th edition was held online, with the support of the University of Zaragoza (Spain) and University College Cork (Ireland).

Fortunately, this 10th edition of the workshop event is being held in-person in Fortaleza and Jericoacoara with the support of the Federal University of Cear´a (UFC) and the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Cear´a (IFCE-Fortaleza). ADVANCE’2023 consists of five main sessions, with three Invited Talks and four short professional courses. The technical sessions address current hot topics, including Mobile Computing and Offloading; SmartGrid, Smart Cities and Internet of Things; Cloud and Fog computing; Optical network; Network Slicing; Block-Chain technologies; UAV communication and VANETs; AI Applied to infrastructures and services; and Social data management. The five Technical Sessions consist of 8 full papers and 6 short papers. The first invited talk about ”Performability Modeling: Complexity vs. Representativeness” was given by the invited speaker Prof. Paulo Romero Martin Maciel (Federal University of Pernambuco – Brazil). The second invited talk, about ”Intent-Based Networking”, was given by the invited speaker Prof. Nazim Agoulmine (University of Evry – France). The third invited talk, about ”Scaling Blockchain” was given by Prof Abdelhakim Hafid (University of Montreal Canada).

We appreciate the presence of all participants, invited speakers, and the 44 authors that submitted their papers to ADVANCE’2023. We would also like to acknowledge the work of the 35 members of the Technical Program Committee for their hard work in reviewing the submissions. Finally, we thank our colleagues from UFC and IFCE for the organization and for making possible the celebration of ADVANCE’2023 in the beautiful state of Ceará in Brazil.

Prof Paulo Antonio Leal Rego, TPC Chair.

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