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08.  French Bio-sketch (Français)
09.  Chinese Bio-sketch(中文简介)
    Current students
  • Junkai He, “Robust parallel machine scheduling for multitasking system in textile industry”.
  • Yipei Zhang, “Multi-objective optimization of reverse logistics for agricultural products”.
  • Yanting Hou, “Airline revenue management with alliance and competition”.
  • Yantong Li, “Global optimization of the food supply chain”.
  • Former PhD students
  • Junheng Cheng, 2017, "Multi-criteria Batch Scheduling under Time-of-Use Tariffs», Assistant professor, Fujian Normal University.
  • Peng Wu, 2016, “A study on lane reservation problems in transportation networks", Assistant professor, Fuzhou University, China.
  • Chenpeng Feng, 2015, “A study on DEA-based environmental performance evaluation and quota allocation”, Assistant professor, Hefei University of Technology, China.
  • Tingying Wu, 2015, “Models and algorithms for two-echelon capacitated facility location problems with facility size selection”, Assistant professor, Shanghai University, China.
  • Zhen Zhou, 2014, “Study on Optimization of Hazardous Material Transportation via Lane Reservation”. Assistant professor, Northwestern Polytechnic University, China.
  • Yunfei Fang, 2013, “Study of lane reservation problems in a transportation network”, Associate professor, Fuzhou University, China.
  • Nasreddine Saidani, 2012, “Location and quality design of commercial establishments in a competitive environment”, Project manager, Altao, France.
  • Zhanguo Zhu, 2011, “Scheduling problems with consumable resource allocation and learning effect”. Professor, Nanjing Agricultural University, China.
  • Jinfeng Li, 2010, “Facility location in supply chains”. Senior manager, the IBM Research Lab China.
  • Qingning Shen, 2009 “Modeling and optimization of petroleum transportation”. Associate professor and vice dean of management school, Petroleum University of China.
  • Zhen Yang, 2009, “Research on facility location problems in supply chain design”. General Manager, Shenzhen Sihe Building Technology co., Ltd, China.
  • Caroline Desprez, 2008, “Optimization and simulation of production systems: application to the manufacturing of nuclear components”. Project manager, French railway company (SNCF).
  • Nacima Labadi, 2003, “Strategic and Tactical Arc Routing Problems”. HDR, Professor, University of Technology of Troyes, France.
  • Former Post-doc
  • Yugang Yu, Post-doc, (2004-2005), “Optimization of the inventory routing problem”. Professor and dean of management school, University of Science and Technology of China.
  • Jinhong Zhong, Post-doc, (2004-2006), “Lot sizing with sourcing and backlogging”. Associate Professor, Hefei University of Technology, China.
  • Jianxiang Li Post-doc, (2006-2007), “Supply Chain Coordination”. Associate Professor, Beijing Institute of Technology, China.
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