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I am Associate Professor (maître de conférences) at Université d’Évry Paris-Saclay. I do my research at IBISC, and I am on a sabbatical research visit in Damien Woods’s TAPDANCE group.

Write to me at   sergiu \(_{dot}\) ivanov (at)  .

Here is my moderately long academic CV.

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My News

[2024-05-15] I join Damien Woods’s TAPDANCE group for 4 months.
[2024-05-09] Our paper Queens of the Hill has been published.
[2024-04-23] Our paper P Systems with Reactive Membranes has been published.

Current reading: Nicolas Glade. Le Vivant Rare, Faible et Amorphe - Évolution depuis les Origines jusqu’à la Vie telle qu’elle nous Apparaît.


I am currently actively working on:

I am also working on:

I have worked with these (and similar) formal models:

I am interested in formal and abstract structures, as well as their various connections to biological reality.


I maintain a complete list of my publications.

A fairly comprehensive list of my publications is also available on my DBLP page. A list of my publications with some freely downloadable full-texts is also available on HAL (a French scientific archive).

My ORCID number is 0000-0002-1537-6508 and I have a ResearchGate profile.

Also, check out this initiative

Seminars and talks

Here are some slides from some of my seminars:

  • Queens of the Hill (slides)
  • P Systems with Reactive Membranes (slides)
  • The Many Shapes of Polymorphism (slides)

image of Creative Commons Attribution Alone licence

These materials are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Alone licence.


Here is a list of courses I prepared, in chronological order:

image of Creative Commons Attribution Alone licence

All course materials are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Alone licence, unless specified otherwise.


I am currently developing dds, a home-made toolkit for discrete dynamical systems in Racket, a modern Lisp dialect. Here is my GitHub profile.


I manage the work group on personalized medicine Axe transverse Médecine personnalisée at IBISC together with Farida Zehraoui.

I am a recommender for Peer Community In Mathematical and Computational Biology.

I am member of the editorial board of the Computer Science Journal of Moldova.

I am elected member of the Research Commission and of the Academic Council of Université d’Évry.

I am an elected member of the Council of the Graduate School “Computer Science” of the Paris-Saclay University.

I am member of the Council for Digital Ressources (Conseil des Utilisateurs du Numérique) of the Université d’Évry.

Past positions

Full contact information

Sergiu Ivanov
Room: 319
IBISC - IBGBI – 3rd floor
23, boulevard de France
91034 Évry, France

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