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I am associate professor (maître de conférences) at Université d’Évry, Paris-Saclay University. I do my research at IBISC.

Write to me at   sergiu \(_{dot}\) ivanov (at)  .

Here is a report (in French) about different aspects of my work from 2018 to 2022.

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My News

[2022-05-23] Our paper Tissue P Systems with Vesicles of Multisets has just appeared in press.
[2022-06-07] The workshop on the atavistic theory of cancer ATAC 2022 starts in Grenoble.
[2022-05-30] Damien Regnault and I are visiting Nicolas Schabanel to work on experimental DNA self-assembly.


I am currently working on

I have worked on:

I have worked with these (and similar) formal models:

I am interested in formal and abstract structures, as well as their various connections to biological reality.


I maintain a complete list of my publications.

A fairly comprehensive list of my publications is also available on my DBLP page. A list of my publications with some freely downloadable full-texts is also available on HAL (a French scientific archive).

My ORCID number is 0000-0002-8653-3814 and I have a ResearchGate profile.

Also, check out this initiative


Here is a list of courses I prepared, in chronological order:

image of Creative Commons Attribution Alone licence

All course materials are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Alone licence, unless specified otherwise.


Here are some slides from some of my seminars:

  • Sequential Reprogramming of Biological Network Fate (slides)
  • Understanding Evolution: A Methodology for Evaluating the Extensibility of Boolean Networks’ Structure and Function (slides)
  • Theory of Computer Science: Why All That Formal Stuff? (slides)
  • Universality and Computational Completeness of Controlled Leftist Insertion-Deletion Systems (slides)

image of Creative Commons Attribution Alone licence

These materials are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Alone licence.


I am currently developing dds, a home-made toolkit for discrete dynamical systems in Racket, a modern Lisp dialect.

In the past, I wrote many lines of Haskell, C++, and Python. Here is my GitHub profile.


I manage the work group on personalized medicine Axe transverse Médecine personnalisée at IBISC together with Farida Zehraoui.

I am a recommender for Peer Community In Mathematical and Computational Biology.

I am in charge with the first year of the master’s program M1 Computer & Network Systems (M1 CNS, in French) together with Jean-Christophe Janodet.

I am an elected member of the Council of the Graduate School “Computer Science” of the Paris-Saclay University.

I am an elected member of the Council of IBISC laboratory.

I co-organise with Association Info Évry the Évry site of the yearly night hackathon Nuit de l’Info.

I am member of the teaching workgroup of the Administrative Council of Digital Ressources (CARI pédagogique).

Past positions

Full contact information

Sergiu Ivanov
Room: 319
IBISC - IBGBI – 3rd floor
23, boulevard de France
91034 Évry, France

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