Publications à fort impact du mois de mars 2015

Publications à fort impact du mois de mars 2015

  • Revue Bioinformatics [CiteScore 2015: 6,06]

Heinonen, Markus, Olivier Guipaud, Fabien Milliat, Valérie Buard, Béatrice Micheau, Georges Tarlet, Marc Benderitter, Farida Zehraoui, et Florence D’Alché-Buc. « Detecting time periods of differential gene expression using Gaussian processes: An application to endothelial cells exposed to radiotherapy dose fraction ». Bioinformatics 31, no 5 : 728–735, mars 2015. [DOI ][HAL IBISC]

  • Revue IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology [CiteScore 2015: 4,72]

Yacine, Zedjiga, Dalil Ichalal, Naima Ait Oufroukh, Saïd Mammar, et Said Djennoune. « Takagi-Sugeno Observers: Experimental Application for Vehicle Lateral Dynamics Estimation ». IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology 23, no 2 : 754–761, mars 2015. [DOI ][HAL IBISC]

  • Conférence International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications – GRAPP [ERA A]

Benbelkacem, Samir, Nadia Zenati, Hayet Belghit, Samir Otmane, et Abdelkader Bellarbi. « Human-human collaboration formalism for groupware tailorability in collaborative augmented environments ». In 10th International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications (GRAPP 2015), 498–503, Berlin, Germany, mars 2015. [HAL IBISC]

  • Conférence IEEE Virtual Reality – VR [QUALIS A2]

Nguyen, Duc-Van, Safa Ben Lakhal, et Amine Chellali. « Preliminary Evaluation of a Virtual Needle Insertion Training System ». In IEEE Virtual Reality (VR 2015), 247–248, Arles, France, mars 2015. [DOI ][HAL IBISC]

Wu, Siju, Amine Chellali, Samir Otmane, et Guillaume Moreau. « HorizontalDragger: a Freehand Remote Selector for Object Acquisition ». In IEEE Virtual Reality (VR 2015), 307–308. Arles, France, mars 2015. [DOI ][HAL IBISC]

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