• Best Paper Award obtained by Thomas Hujsa at ACSD 2013, 13th International Conference on Application of Concurrency to System Design for published paper “Polynomial Sufficient Conditions of Well-Behavedness for weighted Join-Free and Choice-Free Systems”, Thomas Hudja, Jean-Marc Delosme, Alix Munier
10th IEEE ICNSC 2013 (From the 10th to the 12th April 2013)

From the 10th to 12th of April, the IBISC laboratory, the 10th edition of the IEEE International Conference on Networking Sensing and Control (ICNSC).

Call for Papers

Laval Virtual 2012

The IBISC laboratory will present its European project RSME FP7 Digital Ocean N° 262160 -2010-2012 at Laval Virtual Exhibition 2012 (remote-exploration in mixed reality of diving sites). Partners: VIRTUALDIVE (SME, France), MEDIATOUCH (SME, Italy), OCEANSCAN (SME, Portugal), LUDOCRAFT (SME, Finland), ANTINEA (Fondation, Switzerland), Univ. PORTO FEUP (Portugal), Univ. Jyvask (Finland), EPITA ASSS (France) and the University of EVRY (IBISC). Scientific head (IBICS): Samir Otmane. Permanent participants (IBISC): Malik Mallem, Fréderic Davesne (IGR EVR@). Non-permanent participants: Nader Cheaib, Christophe Domingues and Mouna Essabbah.

Goal: This European project is the continuation of the ANR Digital Ocean project (2006-2009). It concerns all the chain of numeric contents on seabed: from the creation, the production, the edition, the interfaces to their multimodal diffusion through mobile and fixed dedicated terminals or from the market. It includes the audiovisual field, animation, “serious (video) games”, internet and mixed reality. It enables to geo-localize and personalize these contents thanks to the introduction of online remotely-operated submarine robots in mixed reality. The “virtual diving in real time” method concerns the remote-operation in mixed reality and through the internet of submarine robots located in diving sites. This method represents the structuring axis of this project of which IBISC is responsible for. It is based on a knowledge and know-how capital of two existing projects: the ARITI project for the remote-operation in mixed reality and the ANR Digital Ocean project of 2006-2009 for the simulation of diving in virtual reality.

The PhD students’ day 2011 – December 8th 2011

During this day, the PhD students will have the opportunity to share they research projects with the laboratory members. This year’s PhD students’ day will take place on the 8th of December in the Pelvoux building.


Laval Virtual Exhibition 2012 / VRIC Conference

Samir Otmane and Jean-Yves Didier from the RATC team co-host the symposium on “The Futures of Mixed & Augmented Reality” at the VRIC conference. This symposium will be held during the Laval Virtual Exhibition 2012, from March 28th to April 1st of 2012.

More information on the symposium
Laval Virtual exhibition 2012

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