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Jean-Christophe Janodet

Picture of Jean-Christophe
mail AROBAS Team, IBISC Lab,
Department of Computer Science, University of Evry,
IBGBI Building, 23 Boulevard de France, 91037 Evry, FRANCE
phone Phone: (+33) 1 64 85 34 62
email Mail: janodet at


I'm about 45 years old, and the father of 2 nice kids.

I'm a full professor at the University of Evry, 25km in the South of Paris. I do my research in the AROBAS Research Team of the IBISC Lab.

I've been maître de conférences (professor assistant) at the University of Saint-Etienne for about 10 years, in the Machine Learning Research Team of the Laboratoire Hubert Curien.

I discovered Computer Science at the Ensimag, a high school of the University of Grenoble, where I defended my PhD thesis.




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